Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American television drama created by Vince Gilligan and produced and broadcast by the AMC network. The first season premiered on January 20, 2008 and the fifth season is currently airing. The series follows a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), and his unlikely collaborator (and former student), Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul), as they navigate the seedy underbelly of Albuquerque in the crystal meth trade. Initially diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Walter uses this death sentence as justification for manufacturing drugs as a means to provide for his family, however, after his cancer enters remission, he struggles to legitimize his decisions as he "breaks bad" and becomes increasingly immoral.

Ratings, reviews and reception

Breaking bad has received critical acclaim, with Metacritic scores climbing from 74 for the first season, to 99 for the currently running fifth season, as we can see in the graph below. User scores on both Metacritic and IMDB are consistently high.


Trailer of the first season